Interactive Pajamas Tell Bedtime Stories

A new pajama, appropriately named Smart PJ’s, can read bedtime stories for $25. The pajamas are designed with a series of scannable dots that interact with smart devices. Once the dots are chosen and scanned, children and their parents can read a story from that device.

From PSFK,

Smart PJ’s are designed with a wide array of scannable patterns, which allows for the pattern on the sleeve to read a different story than the pattern on the stomach.

In addition to reading the story, the Smart PJ’s stories are designed to display the words and information on the screen as well. This allows children to turn down the volume and work on their reading skills, or share a traditional story in a non-traditional way with their parents.

Why I’m Curious

We’ve shared a lot of clothing innovation that provides concrete utility to the users, from shirts that help you stop sweating to sportswear that track your performance, but I most of the clothing did not provide entertainment for users. There can be an opportunity for growth beyond bedtime, perhaps when traveling. Also I think it would be interesting if the stories changed based on the size to appeal to a larger audience.


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