Foursquare Time Machine Teleports You Down Memory Lane

From Mashable:

Okay world travelers, now it’s time for some humble bragging, thanks to the new Foursquare Time Machine. On Thursday, the company announced this new way to visualize all of your past check-ins on its Foursquare blog, and what a gorgeous visualization it is.

The animation flies you around all those haunts you’ve visited in times past, served up in a lovely 3D effect that you can autoplay to your heart’s content. You can zoom in or out of its map showing all the places you’ve been, checking out each of your check-ins. The interface helpfully provides places Foursquare has recommended for you as well.


Why I’m Curious:

I’m always interested in the way brands are leveraging platforms in a unique way that is tied to their product or tagline.  In this case Samsung is looking at all of your checkins and helping you pick new places so that you can discover “The Next Best Thing” in your city.  I think it falls down a bit because it assumes that the city you’ve checked into most is the city where you’re going to discover the “Next Best Thing”.


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