Foursquare Rolls Out Visualizations of Your Check-Ins, Sponsored By Samsung

From AdAge:

​Foursquare has partnered with Samsung for My History, a new feature that will provide users with infographics based on their check-in histories.


The individualized heat maps are branded with Samsung’s logo for its latest high-end smartphone the Galaxy S4 and features a tab titled “The Next Big Thing” in which users can receive recommendations on places to visit based on where they’ve checked in before. The partnership is worth seven figures for Foursquare, according to an executive familiar with the terms.

Foursquare users can access My History at where they can watch their entire check-in history — which dates back to 2009 for the app’s first users — unfold in fast forward. A play-pause button at the bottom of the screen allows to users to stop the experience and note certain behaviors such as distance between subsequent check-ins and when they checked into a certain location. The infographic can also show users how much times they spent in coffee shops versus bars among other comparisons.

Ads for My History will appear within Foursquare once the company rolls-out its “post-check-in” ads in the coming weeks. Those ads will be served to users once they check into a specific location.

Why Am I Curious?

Beyond just a nifty tool to help users visualize their check-ins, this seems to be yet another foray into marketing and monetization by FourSquare. Once this feature is adopted, it will be interesting to see if and which brands will be first to promote themselves on “The Next Big Thing” and if this kind of heavy marketing activity will turn off a number of people from using FourSquare – especially if the ads/promotions are not necessarily “surprise and delight”, “here is a coupon for 20% off” type of deals.


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