Google Creates Visualization of Real-Time Web Searches

Google Search

Earlier this week, Google put together and released this awesome visualization of real-time web searches. The page displays real-time search terms in a Windows phone look and feel, which can be filtered to show searches by different region (and subsequently, languages). If you see something pop-up that you want to learn more about, simply click the search term and it will take you to an SRP (SEO jargon for Search Results Page) for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out here.

Why I’m Curious

Google gets dinged on the daily for what it does with the vast amount of information it collects on us, but every now and then they put out something folks can geek out to. Beneath its beautiful design, this webpage presents an amazing opportunity to witness online trends unfold in real-time. Just from observing it in 10 minutes, I learned about a few people I’ve never heard of on top of picking up on two trends in China. It reminds me a bit of watching the Matrix in it’s binary form.


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