Wifi Street Signs Change Direction And Info In Real Time

Points is a street sign that looks just like any other – what makes it so unique is the fact it can update the information on its display in real-time, creating a reactive street sign for a variety of events. The tool leverages content from Foursquare, Twitter, transportation APIs, RSS feeds and other online sources – provided it has an Ethernet or WiFi connection.

Made of three arms point in different directions, you would be hard pressed to tell it apart from a normal street sign – until the arms start to rotate towards a new direction, changing the text on display at the same time.

Why I’m Curious: I find myself more often than not directionally challenged, and I believe this technology but be quite helpful for me. I’m curious about additional use cases for it such us to point fans toward where the the next performer is playing on what stage at music festivals or what sports are playing where at sporting events like the Olympics. This useful tool takes street signs to the next level and I am interested to see how quickly certain communities will adopt it.


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