Today’s Technologies Advance Safety in the Mercedes-Benz


In world of growing QR code usage, Mercedes hops on the bandwagon with its newest models. An effort to deliver a safer driving experience, the code will record all vital signs of the vehicle upon the impact of a crash. When emergency respondents arrive at the scene, lag time will be significantly diminished by their immediate knowledge of the car’s condition and infrastructure in a moment “where every second matters” (PSFK).

From PSFK,

“The major point of concern here is that there is conflicting evidence as to how quickly people are adapting to the usage of QR codes, particularly because it is competing with other technological innovations like NFC. Mercedes’ investment in QR is a sign of their commitment to the platform, but we will need to wait and see how effective this initiative is in terms of saving lives.”

Why I’m Curious:

A respectable move, in my opinion, has been made by Mercedes-Benz in their effort of taking today’s digital tools and focusing them on something more pertinent than car amenities (i.e. entertainment or comfort). The integration of QR codes into our society has stood unimpressive at times when used solely for promotional efforts and couponing. I believe this type of usage gives QR codes a much better sense of purpose and showcases their true abilities.


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