Oral-B Celebrates Father’s Day

Mouth care brand Oral-B is centering its Father’s Day campaign around touching paternal moments the brand found on YouTube.

The moments, which start with dads with babies and end with the kids as adults, will only appear online. The ad is designed to promote the brand’s electric toothbrushes as a Father’s Day gift. In addition, the brand plans to do promote the hashtag #powerofdad over the weekend. Publicis Kaplan Thaler created the ad.

(via Mashable)

Why I’m Curious

I thought this campaign was incredibly well done. The online-only video captures real life moments, there is a celebrity partnership, a charitable donation, a PR rollout that helped the campaign receive a lot of coverage and a microsite that houses all of the information. The social media campaign crosses all of their social media channels and also there are Twitter chats by Dad Central (part of Mom Central). Plus the campaign rolled out a few weeks before Father’s Day allowing it to gain momentum leading up to the holiday. Oral-B won’t “own” Father’s Day but it’s a really great way to get their product and name talked about and sure to drive positive sentiment. It’s a great example of integration not just within one agency but across agency partners.


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