Lost Your Keys? That’s Ok; Your Stomach Can Start Your Car…


Motorola is creating a prototype, where individuals ingest a pill that contains a small chip which is placed into their stomachs’ creating an 18-bit signal that can be read by different devices such as phones, computers, and in even some cases, cars. The pill can be taken daily for a month period. The idea of this new technology is to get rid of the need to have passwords, keys, or any kind of authentication device.

From PSFK:

“This technology has the potential to make traditional usernames and passwords obsolete and according to Dugan, the rationale behind these technologies is the annoyance caused by traditional methods.

Why I’m Curious: This new theory of authenticating one’s own body seems like a clever idea initially, but it got me thinking of how companies spend time and money on radical ideas. It’s a little frightening to see what advanced companies come up with next. The idea of placing anything in our bodies that can signal or start a device seems a little robotic to me.


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