J.Cole Hosts Private Album Listening Sessions in 8 Cities


It’s fairly common for an artist to try to generate some excitement around a new album before it’s released. Listening parties are just one of the ways they do it, but in the past, the parties are usual reserved for the press, record reps, and other VIPs. But last night, J.Cole tried something new and offered an exclusive stream of his upcoming album, Born Sinner at eight locations across the U.S.

The parties were revealed earlier this week in a blog post with exact coordinates of locations in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles and Cole’s native Fayetteville, North Carolina. To actually tune into the stream, fans needed to download the LISNR app which connected them to a livestream beginning at 8PM EST.

Why I’m Curious

I’ve seen plenty of listening parties online – but the experience changes a lot when can interact with other fans listening to the music for the first time. Overall, the process could probably be a bit smoother (fans had to prepare for this listening party!), but 1,000s of fans responded to his tweets announcing the sessions. I’m curious to see how the J.Cole leveraged the actual location (and all the fans that showed up). But also how fans coming in groups could help power something like this in the future.


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