Graceland Undercover

USA Network has done a great job making its original series social hits, driving buzz with dedicated hash tags and integrations with third party apparel brands. For its new show Graceland, it has developed a second screen experience that syncs with the show. While this isn’t necessarily new, it does provide a few elements of interactivity that other second screen experiences haven’t offered in the past:

  • Clues to help you solve the mystery during the show
  • Behind the scenes 360 views of the set
  • different content for real-time and subsequent viewings
  • Sponsorship by Kia, where users can explore a garage to find clues and prizes

<via Mashable>

Why I’m Curious

A lot of second screen experiences can only be viewed during the live screening because it is synced by time and not audio. This second screen experience also provides a number of ways to drive conversation and actual engagement with the story. Finally, it integrates with a brand which can drive awareness and showcase its product within the context of the show. It’ll be interesting to see how more brands will integrate with compelling broadcast storytelling and re-imagine the real-time broadcast experience.


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