First Vine World Record

Mashable used their love of Vine for a good cause this week. The site teamed up with (RED) to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS and share participation on social media.

From Mashable,

You can help set the first ever Vine world record by creating a Vine right now! Mashable is teaming up with (RED) to set the record for most Vine videos sent for a single cause and drive awareness to the fight against AIDS.

Being a part of the Vine world record is simple. All you need to do is create a Vine video and share it with the hashtag #REDworldrecord.

Why I’m Curious

Vine hit the hallways of mb this week, and it didn’t stop there. As I continued to watch #mcb24 Vines on Twitter, my addiction grew and was curious if there are any other stunt campaigns happening. I thought this was a very simple execution and unique awareness play. It really allowed participants to decide their level of creativity, but still get the warm and fuzzies from participating in a greater cause.


Share your thoughts.

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