Diesel Launches New Home Collection Website:

Diesel recently launched a new site for their Home Collection.  The site is parallax but unlike many other parallax sites—while they are very interesting—the motion of Diesel’s website feels like the farthest thing from a linear trajectory.   The site immerses the user into an experience that feels like they are seeing products up close and personal, whilst getting to see the whole experience from several different viewpoints.  As the user scrolls through the site/rooms they can stop at any time to click on products to either find out more about them or find out what store has them in stock.


Why I am Curious:

I am curious for 2 reasons. (1) eCommerce continues to rise and shows no signs of stopping.  For consumers, online shopping is convenient and takes away the burdens and hassle of buying things in store.  However, the online shopping experience has a long way to go—i.e. how many times have you ordered something online and it looks nothing like the picture?  I am curious to see how online shopping across all categories will evolve to feel like you are seeing things in person.   Will people crave sites that let them see product up close with a 360 view? Will technology eventually allow us to for instance see our actual produce that will be delivered to us? (2) A site like this is really mind-blowing and as a result, I’m curious to see how Diesel will integrate this idea across their other platforms.


Share your thoughts.

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