Detecting Gestures Via Wi-fi

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way to detect and track human gestures using only wi-fi frequencies.  It’s sensitive and broad enough to detect human motion in separate rooms.

Why I’m Curious

As demonstrated in the video, the current examples are basic in nature.  However, as this technology matures it could have a profound impact on consumer electronics and user interface.  Imagine controlling household electronics with a simple gesture, or navigating TV channels or a web browser.
Another curious angle is that of privacy.  If the technology becomes advanced enough one could essentially monitor movement in a large space, public or private.  That opens up a number of ethical and legal questions.  Would this be considered spying or eavesdropping if someone accidentally picked up on their neighbors movement?  Is it a technology governments or corporations would use to monitor the public?  It’s a technology that could redefine what personal boundaries are.

Share your thoughts.

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