death of a fanboy


It is no secret that Apple has held fast to the hearts and minds of technology aficionados for years. Commonly known as Fanboys, this group, of which your writer was a die hard member, readily drank down whatever Apple served with gusto. But a sea change seems to be happening, that gives this Fanboy some pause …

Stagnant launches, Android’s marketshare dominance of the smartphone OS market and a pervading sense that Apple has lost its edge have made room in the minds of consumers. Microsoft is also pushing an impressive game with phones, tablets and PCs that make Apple users wonder, what am I missing?

Why I’m curious

Watch a user on a touchscreen Windows 8 machine and it sorta looks like magic. Can this new tablet-meets-PC interface take hold? Microsoft has ingeniously inserted areas for advertisers in many of their popular apps that represent a high-impact, 100% SoV and premium feeling experience for brands. Is it time for Fanboys to give Microsoft another look? Only Tim Cook’s WWDC agenda knows for sure.


Share your thoughts.

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