A New Breed of Facebook Emoticons? Yes Please.

After maintaining a monopoly on the emoticon market for decades, yellow smiley faces around the world collectively frowned as Mashable reported an up-and-coming Facebook emoticon replacement: real user photos.

New Facebook Emoticons

Facebook moves to put ‘ole smiley and gang out of business.

Need a passive aggressive wink to be the cherry that tops your Facebook message to a roommate? Now you can use the expressions of friends. Even better, the feature allows you to use page profile photos, meaning words can be replaced with logos/icons.

Try it by reading Mashable’s How to Turn Facebook Profile Pics Into Emoticons piece or check out these basic instructions:

  1. Go to the Facebook page or profile with the photo you want to use
  2. From the page’s URL, copy out the portion that falls after “Facebook.com/” IE: For my page, I would copy out “thechrisgilbert”
  3. In a chat tab, insert what you copied between double brackets, so it should look like [[thechrisgilbert]]

Why I’m Curious

While the feature is reserved for Facebook chat at this time, if well received by users, it could likely be rolled out to posting fields in upcoming months, providing a fresh way for users and brands to express themselves on the platform. Who knows how to reinvent themselves more often than Madonna? That’s right – our friends at Facebook.


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