Is Pinterest a better search engine than Google for e-commerce?

I recently came across this Buzzfeed article and became very curious about search in Google vs Pinterest. The article did a comparison of different search terms between Google and Pinterest and the latter was the clear winner in discovering new products and visually stimulating images.  cheveron

Image Search of “Chevron” on Pinterest vs Google


Image Search of “iPhone” on Pinterest vs Google


Image Search of “California” on Pinterset vs Google

Why I’m Curious:

After looking at the few image search comparisons that the article provided, does this mean that Pinterest is a better image & e-commerce search engine?  While search results in Google are literal, images in Pinterest evokes emotions and are more product oriented .  This is caused by the nature of each platforms.  Pinterest is a platform where people look for inspiration and pin aspirational images.  Search results on Pinterest are caused by hashtags and keywords that users enter when pinning images, while Google images searches are caused by the image’s name, metatags and text on the website that the image is located in.

The current way for brands to engage on Pinterest is mainly by creating a brand page, tagging price tags on their products, using the correct keywords and creating lifestyle Pinboards that users will be interested in.  However, I think that Pinterest should roll out paid keyword searches for brands to purchase and dive into their search functionality.  Pinterest’s road to making money is very bright.


Share your thoughts.

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