Branded Entertainment can often mean mere sponsorships, but just sponsoring a brand doesn’t necessarily mean awareness or engagement. Gillette gets it right with its sponsorship of Man of Steel and posing the question #HowDoesHeShave on Twitter.

Man of Steel is a film about Superman, the invincible hero whose only weakness is Kryptonite. No metal on earth, not even bullets, can slice through him. In this iteration of superman, he goes from being a bearded wildman to being the clean-shaven Clark Kent. You would think he would need something harder than himself with which he can cut his beard, which begs the question, How Does He Shave?

Gilette posed the question to a number of celebrities, creating their own series of branded videos in addition to sponsoring the movie. Some of the celebrities involved are Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mythbusters who pose their own theories. Each celebrity prompts the user to visit their branded YouTube Channel, where users can vote for their favorite theory.  Users can also provide their own theories to answer the question with #HowDidHeShave on Twitter, driving earned media for the campaign as well. So Far there are 30K video views of Bill Nye on Wednesday.

Why I’m Curious

Gillette’s idea isn’t necessarily new or innovative, but it’s just a smart way to successfully sponsor a film that is contextually relevant while earning conversation that is also relevant to their brand. Their creatives found a way into the movie that works seamlessly with its plot in a fun and engaging way. But what’s most important to note here is that they didn’t just sponsor the movie but they created an entire program around the film including social and original video content. What’s missing is maybe the payoff for voting for the right theory, but perhaps we’ll never know how Superman shaved.


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