Grocery Store Launches Airport Pick-up Service


Going home to an empty fridge after a long day of traveling is the worst. So Australian grocery chain, Woolworth’s has launched an airport pick-up service that lets travelers grab ordered goods on the way home.

From PSFK:

Passengers can buy groceries up to seven days in advance by ordering online or by using the Woolworths app.

This new pick-up service, the first in Australia, is an addition to the company’s already existing ‘click&collect service,’ which lets customers pick-up groceries they purchased online from any of their stores.

Why I’m Curious

Woolworth’s service really touches on a travel pain point: the empty fridge. I personally loathe having to order dinner out after being on the road, and then usually find scavenge or buy something for breakfast the next morning too. The convenience of being able to order ingredients for those meals in advance is definitely something I would use…frequently. And according to this review, the experience is actually pretty good.

I could see this service being boosted with a partnership with an airline (perhaps exclusive access to the ordering system on in-flight Wifi) or with a cab company (why not have the groceries waiting in the trunk?). I’m curious to see if the service (or one like it) will pop up at other airports.


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