Coca-Cola Creates “The Calorie Dictionary,” Focusing on the Calorie-Burning Power of Winning and Arriving

Ever wonder what activities it might take to burn the calories in something you just consumed? As a part of their global commitment to fight obesity, Coca-Cola Canada aims to do just that with their newly released “Calorie Dictionary” video.

The video—providing consumers with a little more context when it comes to calories—shows examples of simple and fun activities that only take consumers a couple extra minutes out of their day to help burn off the coke they just drank as well as to entice them to live a more active life. Some samples include: 5 minutes of climbing helps to get rid of 45 calories; 5 min of zipping a dress helps to burn 12 calories etc.

Why I am Curious:
I am curious to see if people will adapt or reject this model. Coca-Cola was smart in taking a more lighthearted approach to healthier living vs using scare tactics to promote it (for example, you need to do 100 sit-ups to burn this coke off). They make it sound so easy to do, the consumer feels almost silly not doing it.

It will be interesting to see if Coke further integrates this idea on their packaging as well as other digital channels with something like a hashtag campaign to increase UGC promoting an overall increased active lifestyle.


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