Oreo is “Wonderfilled”!

Oreo debuted a highly cheery, animated 90-second spot set to a catchy twee track showing how historically morbid figures–the Big Bad Wolf, a blood-sucking vampire–take a turn for the bright, with the help of the classic creme-centered cookie.

“It starts with a very simple premise, about how something as small as an Oreo cookie can bring about a positive change in perspective,” said Janda Lukin, Director, Oreo at Mondelez International, Inc.

As part of the campaign launch, Mondelez brought Oreo’s wonder to New York City and tapped about 500 college a cappella singers to rouse New York commuters at various subway stops out of their morning stupor with their own renditions of the “Wonderfilled” theme. “Not a flash mob, but more like Christmas carolers,” said Mr. Muhlenfeld. The brand capped off the event in a group singalong with Owl City in Union Square. To continue the momentum in social media, Oreo has released a series of Vine clips on Twitter capturing bits of the event, and later this week more Oreo musical crews will descend on Chicago and Los Angeles.


Via: Co.Create

Why I’m Curious:

After Oreo’s real time marketing wins (still remember the superbowl tweet?), they have again, enhanced their brand with a campaign that will bring nothing but glee in people’s lives.  The song by Owl City is catchy and the PR stunts spread the joy of Oreos by bringing wonders in people’s lives.  This campaign is a perfect match for Vine as the brand create content from the musical performances.  This campaign has a simple message its wholesome execution is sticky to consumers’ minds.


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