News Analysis : Digiday hates banners ads


the first banner ad ever.

Digiday hates banner ads (and you probably do, too.) Over the past 2 months they’ve determined that the humble banner is the …







abomination ever wrought by man. Even though they use them to fund their site.

To sum up Digiday’s ire for the banner, columnist Bob Hoffman writes:

“The piece starts by giving us some statistics about online display advertising. First, that it will generate $15 billion in revenue this year. Second, that it will grow by 18 percent. Third that Facebook’s revenue grew 80 percent last year, mainly from display. I’m afraid this is not evidence of the effectiveness of banner advertising. It is evidence of the cluelessness of advertisers.”

Why I’m curious

Yes, banners are widely seen as the lowest form of life on the advertising food chain, but it seems that all of the criticism is coupled with very little in the way of alternatives. Short of throwing our lot in with the “VIDEO!” crowd, what are the viable options on the table and how, as digital strategists, do we test, adopt and sell through new options to our clients?


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