How Social Media Can Hurt A Business

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Amy’s Baking Company Boutique & Bistro has recently come under much criticism due to their spot on Gordon Ramsey’s show Kitchen Nightmares.  The show aired on May 10 and quickly picked up reactions from the social media community.  Owners Amy and Samy went on Facebook to defend themselves from the negative feedback.  They basically assaulted their Facebook fans verbally cursing at bad Yelp reviews and Redditors that disapproved of their bad behavior on the show.  They received so much backlash that they were even featured on Mashable for their terrible skills in community management.

To make matters worse former employee, Katy Cipriano, who was fired on the show, did an AMA on Reddit.  The AskMeAnything had over 8,000 comments in which Katy answered horrified customers’ questions.  The AMA just confirmed the bad reviews on Yelp and Facebook and the mistreatment of their servers.

Why I’m Curious

Amy’s Baking Company has shown me all the ways not to use social media as a business.  They literally did everything wrong.  They responded to a crisis in the worst way possible by reacting with anger and pointing fingers at the community.  They bashed employees that work for them and customers that chose to come in their restaurant.  They even went on Fox News to tell the world they were hacked and could not delete their comments.  They could however turn things around with the Re-Grand opening for summer, but after seeing how they conducted themselves in their restaurant and on their own social media networks I find it hard to believe anyone would want to dine at Amy’s Baking Company anymore.  As a community manager, I always see case studies that have been proven crisis management successes but it is also nice to see how not to do community management.


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