Gmail Adds Money Attachments

There’s a new type of attachment coming to Gmail. Google announced it will be adding the ability to send money via Google Wallet to emails.

From Laughing Squid:

Users who have their bank account linked to Google Wallet or are sending money directly from their Google Wallet balance can send funds for free, and Google will charge a 2.9% fee for users transferring money from a debit or credit card. To send money using Gmail hover over the attachment paperclip icon, click the $ icon, and enter how much you’d like to attach to the email. The new feature will be rolling out “over the coming months” to Gmail users over 18 years old.

Why I’m Curious

This new addition to Gmail is pretty nice – it simply integrates the ability to send some funds to your contacts without having to use a bank or PayPal. The service also seems personable tied to email – it’s more like handing your friend cash in person than writing them a check and sending it in the mail. And if you’ve set up your Google Wallet, there’s no service charge.

On the flipside, it’s more data to track, and another potential item at risk if your account is hacked – but that’s always the case with Google, right?


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