Get Your Sports Highlights on Twitter

This week Twitter and ESPN announced an expansion of their existing partnership that will see ESPN video-highlights posted to Twitter. This marks a significant milestone in Twitter’s relationship with traditional media outlets, and paves the way for similar types of partnerships (e.g. between cable providers and Twitter, between other cable networks and Twitter, etc.) to be forged.

From the WSJ:

The closer ties spotlight the symbiotic business needs of Twitter and the television industry. For the TV networks, Twitter tie-ins provide new ways to make money beyond 30-second TV commercials likely to be skipped or ignored. Entertainment executives talk about “engagement”—buzz and social-media comments around a show—nearly as often as they mention traditional TV ratings…[On the other hand] Twitter wants to ensure it is making money from all the posts about TV broadcasts, and from the ways TV networks use Twitter to promote their shows.


Why I’m Curious?:

This partnership, and any simliar partnerships that are in the offing, represent a boon for online video advertising – Depending on how the media is purchased, it also represents an opportunity to connect with highly targeted (and highly engaged) audiences. For this particular partnership, any brand with sports-related sponsorships stands to benefit.


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