Collective Experiences Based On Where Your iPhone is Pointing


CrowdOptic created Focus-based augmented technology that combines a number of inputs from a mobile phone, such as time, angle of gyroscope, and image to create interactive content around a live event (or catastrophe).  What’s useful about this technology is the back-end analytics which can be visualized in real-time and the ability for marketers to identify physical hot-spots of interest and capitalize on those opportunities.

While this specific technology hasn’t been used in commercial products, yet, a number of industries have their eye on the technology as it could be a game changer for eye-witness reporting, could bring a level of interactivity to live sports shows, and real-time marketing. There is even potential for this to become a tool for law enforcement as users capture images around catastrophes or acts of violence, the technology could be a quick way to identify its point of origin.

CrowdOptic’s current clients include Ticketek who also created CrowdOptic’s other app Friend Spotter (an app that helps you find friends in a stadium based on similar technology). They also just received another $1M in funding.

Why I’m Curious

With the continued interest in real-time marketing and marketing around live-events (e.g. Oreo and the Superbowl), marketers need to be able to quickly identify trending topics and capitalize on those opportunities . However, there often aren’t the real-time analytics to provide actionable insights. Theoretically, this technology can pinpoint a physical location, curate the social conversation around that particular incident, and provide actual numbers to inform messaging and channel selection, allowing marketers to provide even more contextually relevant messaging.


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