12 Hours

After six years traveling the globe as a photographer and street style blogger, you’re bound to receive a few too many emails with requests on where to go, eat and sleep.  Soren Jepsen from Copenhagen, Denmark had just this problem.  To alleviate the head ache of answering these weekly questions, he partnered with freelance writer Anna Peuckert, herself based in Cologne, Germany to share their joint love for fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.40.58 AM

Together they created 12 hrs, an online guide that organizes information into twelve hour itineraries, sitting ‘somewhere between the backpackers and the luxury hotels.’ So far the guides include cities such as Antwerp, Berlin, Hyres, Portland, Vancouver and of course Jepsen’s hometown of Copenhagen with more set to be uploaded.

Illustrated with large-scale photographs, each city post functions almost like a walking tour guide, listing the time to start the day, describing the places on the list to visit but including directions on how to get there and where to detour.  What’s most charming is the local insider tips on how to frugally order breakfast in Copenhagen, and how to participate in a special escorted tour by local TV host and fashion superstar, Tiany Kiriloff in Antwerp.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.42.26 AM


via @PSFK

Why I’m Curious

Travel brands have been increasingly working to extend their value to consumers with travel guides, top picks, your friends’ picks, etc.  What’s different and interesting about 12 Hours is that it is incredibly authentic and has cool cache / street cred. The 12 hour approach is also nice construct ( NY Times Travel does something similar with their city features). I’m curious to see if 12 Hours will wind up partnering with brands (which might dilute their authenticity) and/or if travel brands will tap likeminded key influencers and give them free reign.


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