YouTube Trends Map Shows What is Going Viral Across the U.S.

YouTube has unveiled a new Trends Map for viewers that shows what videos are popular in different parts of the country. Currently only available for the U.S., this interactive map  allows users to see what different groups of people are watching and helps them discover relevant videos and channels.


The Trends Map can be customized by market, gender, age group and type of activity (shares or views). It is interactive as well, enabling viewers to not only see what’s trending where, but also watch the videos.

 Why Am I Curious?

While most brands at one point or another want to create a video that goes viral, it is important to realize that a video may not go universally viral and this emphasizes the importance of knowing the target and what makes them tick.This is a good tool to understand for different audiences which videos are getting attention and shares for marketers. However, this tool also puts more pressure on us as many users can use this tool as a video discovery engine and this increases the importance of be a part of it to be a easily discoverable.


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