TweetPee Sends A Tweet When Your Baby is Wet

Huggies Brazil has created a useful solution for parents who are paying more attention to Twitter than their baby’s diaper: TweetPee. A fictional sensor attaches to the child’s diaper and sends a Tweet to Mom or Dad to tell them know their little one is wet.


The TweetPee mobile app also tracks how many diapers your baby has used and even has a portal to order more online. (more at AdverBlog)

Why I’m Curious

Lifetracking seems to be a growing trend with no limits. You can strap on a device to keep track of how many calories you’ve burned, put your milk in a fridge that knows when it has spoiled….and now a concept to keep track of your baby’s diapers. Knowing when to order more is definitely useful – but how many parents are really ready to strap this little birdy on their baby so they can receive a tweet about a wet diaper? And would those parents share that information with their followers?

Plus, it might be a little awkward to tell your child – “Your first tweet was about a wet diaper!”





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