The Mom-Off

A few interesting… or not-so-interesting executions for Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday.

Coke Zero is pulling a Heineken by offering the duds who forgot Mother’s Day a save. Simply Tweet @cokezero and #motherpiece with an excuse for forgetting and Coke Zero will select the best ones and send a framed “Motherpiece” of their sons to their mamas. Motherpieces will be created by one of ten classically trained painters. Because after all, says Coke, “unlike flowers and chocolates, a painting lasts forever.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.32.00 PM

Google has launched an interactive campaign designed to help users celebrate their mothers. It directs them to Google Shopping for finding the right gift, Hangout for catching up face-to-face if they live far away, YouTube for fun and creative videos, Google Maps for locating a local florist, and Google+ for creating a circle to share photos with just the family.

And Mother wanted to do something different by giving mom what she really wants: control over your life, with the Momtract (a contract that gives power over one aspect of your life to your mother).

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.40.53 PM

Why I’m Curious

I’m curious about which of three different approaches appeals to the group most?

My take: While it’s not one of their stronger connections (see: Chrome’s Sophie Lee and It Gets Better videos) I appreciate Google’s attempt to once again place itself at the center of our lives and relationships. This time, though, it feels like too much of a stretch – send her a YouTube video, invite mom to Hangout!

Coke Zero’s approach is on-target but a bit too soon after Heineken did something very similar on V-Day.

Mother’s card is a funny stunt that at least gets them into the conversation around Mother’s Day — as they should be! I’m going to create an “always wear lipstick” Montract and prepare for rings on my cups for the rest of time…


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