Texas Congressman Tweets Gun Giveaway


Texas Republican Congressman Steve Stockman recently pushed out a few tweets from his Twitter handle promoting a gun giveaway.  The giveaway is for a Bushmaster AR-15, the same gun that was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  Stockman is offering the giveaway to publicly challenge Obama’s ideals on gun control.  He even goes so far to mention in one of his tweets, “Grab this gun before Obama does!”  All participants must be 18 and subjected to background check by the dealer.  And to spice things up more, the winner will be drawn on July 4.

Why I’m Curious?

The Congressman definitely grabbed Americans attention with his gun giveaway.  There was an article on Mashable that states that he had 131 and 27 favorites.  I am sure these numbers went up after he included the giveaway for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.  With an increasing amount of our countries leader’s joining social networks it is interesting to see how they separate themselves from the pack.  Stockman’s approach may have hit a nerve for some but it certainly received the attention he was hoping for.  Whether or not you agree with the Stockman you have to admit he took a risk with this giveaway.  


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