Second Screen Radio

Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) has launched a second screen campaign. The new interactive radio player allows people using desktops, tablets and mobile to interact with their favorite radio shows by adding images and videos to a radio timeline. Listeners tag content to specific time codes so it appears in their Facebook news feeds. Clicking on any link then takes the user back to that same time-stamped audio content complete with social content.

Why I’m Curious:

Lately I’ve been curious about online radio consumption, specifically how it it aids in the music discovery process, and how long/often people listen online. As it turns out, according to a recent study conducted by Edison Research and Arbitron, self-reported time spent per week is about 3 times higher for weekly online radio listeners (11 hours and 56 minutes) than for weekly online video viewers (4 hours).

We’re used to referring to second screen in the context of TV, so translating the concept to radio seems like a novel idea. It’s a simple concept that creates the opportunity for a richer listening experience, making radio a more social medium. The second screen functionality is an innovative solution by Swedish Radio (Forsman & Bodenfors) to get their programs shared, reaching a wider audience.

So, video has not yet killed the (national publicly funded) radio star after all. Radio is still quite relevant and holds potential as a viable platform for listeners to connect with each other (and brands) in a more interactive way.


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