Puma Mobium Elite Website Launch: Welcome to Adaptive Running

Puma recently launched a new website for their new running shoe –Mobium Elite.  The shoe—in a category of it’s own—stresses it’s ability to form to an individual’s foot as they run. 

The site itself is interactive and helps to further breakdown the idea that websites are one-dimensional.  What makes the site awesome is that the user gets a 360 view of the product by clicking then dragging their mouse left or right to see the individual on the screen start running with Mobium.  The site is exciting but not overwhelming.  There are only a couple of core things you can do, and as a result, the main call to action –“Buy Mobium”—is not lost in the distraction.


Why I’m Curious:

While the experience is very cool and creative, I think this type of innovation becomes expected from these types of brands.  It will be really interesting to see brands in other categories fully push their limits with a model such as this. 


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