Nissan’s Awesome iPad Ad Take Tablet Owners By Surprise

Nissan created a unique self-healing paint that aims to make cars absolutely unscratchable. To convey how cool the technology is, the car company joined up with TBWA/G1 Paris, OMD Europe, and Dan Paris, to create a surprising iPad ad that teaches unsuspecting consumers how cool and unexpected the feature is through digital disruption.

Users will come across a seemingly innocuous ad for the Nissan 370Z when flipping through iPad magazines. When consumers swipe across their screen, the displayed car gets scratched in that very spot along with a sound effect that’s reminiscent of nails on a chalk board. The relief comes when the paint heals itself. The damage is undone and all is well with the world.

Why I’m Curious: I think this is a fantastic example of how powerful digital disruption can be. This kind of dispruptive surprise-and-delight immediately deepens consumer experience with the brand. Not only do I find this kind of paint healing technology quite magical, I’m curious how automotive brands and other brands like Verizon or Apple could possibly leverage this kind of creative technology by developing unscratchable phone cases, computers, ipads, etc.


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