LinkedIn Updates To Know About

LinkedInLinkedIn has made some changes over the past month. To summarize:

  • LinkedIn has just launched the latest versions of its mobile apps, and in a stunning reversal, it’s gone from mobile web-based apps back to fully native. Less than a year ago, the company was touting its iPad app as fully mobile-web based, with just one screen, the homescreen, running natively. Now, all that’s gone, as is some of the optimism about the current capabilities of the mobile web. (Source: VentureBeat)
  • LinkedIn Launches Visual Professional Portfolio. LinkedIn added the ability to upload videos, images, and visual presentations to LinkedIn profiles.The new features allow professionals with visual skills to present what they’ve created, and illustrate professional accomplishments. The company said on its blog that, “From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way.”The new visual options can be added under the summary, work experience, and education sections of a user’s profile. Content can be uploaded from a computer, or pulled from other websites, and other LinkedIn members can like and comment on the visual portfolios. The company said the new features  will begin rolling out today for users in English-speaking countries. (Source: DailyFinance)
  • LinkedIn Updates Their Privacy and Launches Sponsored Content In The Feed: At LinkedIn, we’re committed to putting our members first so we want to let you know we’re planning to update LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy in the next week.

    We’d like to call out a few key updates to these documents:

    • We’re clarifying and simplifying language in these documents to make it easier for members to read and understand

    • The updated Privacy Policy will be presented in a page that will eventually become our Privacy Portal, your one-stop shop to access all of your LinkedIn data

    • We’re introducing sponsored content in the LinkedIn feed. This new feature gives LinkedIn’s advertising partners the opportunity to serve designated content that our members can like, comment, and share

    Ensuring you more clarity, consistency and control over your personal data continues to be our highest priority. When our updated privacy policy is live next week, it will live on this page: (Source: LinkedIn Blog)

  • LinkedIn Contacts App Introduced for iPad, iPhone and iPod:  LinkedIn introduces the company’s new LinkedIn Contacts App to help users stay in touch with their most important business contacts and network relationships. It’s a business and productivity app that’s rolled into one.The newly-announced Linked Contacts app brings all your contacts together in one app such as your address books, emails, and calendars, and keeps them up to date so you don’t have to. The app will alert its users on job changes and birthdays in their networks, and discover more about who they’re meeting with.

    With this app, you’ll never miss an opportunity to stay in touch, as it gives you details on each person you’re meeting, review your most recent correspondence with a contact, and even see where you left off the conversation with that person before picking up the phone. You can also sort contacts by recent conversation and filter by company or location to find the right person for the task at hand. (Source: Technorati)

  • LinkedIn CardMuch: The app is simple. You take a picture of a business card and upload it to CardMunch. CardMunch has people type in the person’s information and store it as a clean, mobile contact. It also keeps a photo of the original business card as a backup. (Source Business Insider)

Why I’m Curious:

LinkedIn continues to push boundaries around how we think of them and what we consider to be a social network vs a business function. As they increase functionality, they increase usage and the opportunity to bring in brands as advertisers.



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