Diet Coke’s Vending Machine Goes On a Diet

Ogilvy Paris and Diet Coke team up to find a new and unexpected way to advertise the “fit and elegant” beverage. So they built the ‘Slender Vender’: a skinny vending machine that allows bottles of the soda with no sugar or calories to be slipped into new kinds of locations. The company claims that Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle, and so does this Slender Vender. The thinnest vending machine in the world fits where others can’t and is seen in the video showing up in unexpected places.

Why Am I Curious?

With all of the controversy around weight – is this a knock at women by placing a diet soda vending machine, “thinnest vending machine in the world”, in uncommon places (hair salon, gym)? I wonder if Coke went too far with the ‘Slender Vendor’ and if it will generate positive or negative feedback.


Share your thoughts.

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