Watch Your Pizza Be Made with #DominosLive

Domino’s is providing a new level of transparency to their customers with a new “pizza-theater” store in Salt Lake City. Five cameras installed at the store capture every angle of the pizza-making process. Customers can then tune into this live, uncut glimpse of pizza action for 12 hours every day at

To celebrate the launch, Domino’s is supporting the new pizza stream with Twitter trivia and gift card giveaways. CEO J. Patrick Doyle told brandchannel “We’re proud of what we do in our stores, and the ingredients in our pizzas,” he said. “We assume everything we do will be known by our customers anyway, so we’re better up offering it on our own.”

Why I’m Curious

Domino’s Live is sort of a step toward pizza transparency. I’m sure employees in the Salt Lake City store are on their absolute best behavior on camera.

What the pizza stream seems to be doing more is cementing Domino’s digital prowess among competitors. Apparently, online orders now account for 35% of their business, and showcasing their pizza-making online may not only earn the trust of their customers – it may inspire hunger…and orders from people like this: “So bored right now! Sitting at my desk watching #DominosLive right now on the PC. #RealRealityTV




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