Volkswagen: #Polowers Twitter Campaign

Volkswagen set out to promote their new model, the Polo, by creating an experience that is highly engaging on Twitter.  The auto brand also wanted to increase their overall number of Twitter followers.

They created a campaign around an online game called Polowers (a mash-up of Polo and “followers”) which people could play using Twitter to be entered to win a Polo.

Every time a player tweeted using the #polowers hashtag, a Polo on the site would advance a few meters. The person to send the last Tweet before the Polo crossed the virtual finish line would win the car.

@VW_es drove over 150,000 Tweets in the eight hours of the contest. The brand also increased their follower base by 50% with the overall campaign and its Promoted Account campaign.

Why I’m curious:

This experience by Volkswagen was highly engaging and it encouraged fans to repeatedly use the campaign’s hashtag.  Its integration with the microsite was seamless and innovative.  Marketers need to think outside the box to create buzz on social platforms.  This campaign had a simple but strong CTA that allowed the hashtag to trend organically.  This campaign also reminded me of a program that Uniqlo did in Asia a few years ago.    It had a similar idea that pushed users to tweet about the brand constantly to win prizes.


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