Snickers bids on misspelt Google searches to offer candy as a solution

Snickers and AMV BBDO created a way to make bad typers recognize why it is that they were unable to spell correctly. The brand bid on misspelt Google search terms to offer up a candy bar as a solution. Each time someone misspelled a word — which was probably often, since people generally rely on the search engine to correct the terms for them — they got tailored ads asking them to “Grab yourself a Snikkers,” because “Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie.”

Why I’m Curious: I love Snicker’s clever approach to market the value of an unhealthy product like a candy bar and connect it to a problem as universal as a misspelled Google search. I think this is smart way for Snickers to not only reach bad typers, but also those who type “diS way” for no reason. I’m curious to see how the campaign continues to resonate since they’ve already reached 500,000 people in three days of launch of this part of its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign.

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