Lowe’s Embraces Six-Second Vine Videos For Spring Campaign

Plenty of marketers are experimenting with Vine, but few have made the 6-second video platform truly useful for consumers. Lowe’s may be on its way to cracking the code. The home improvement retailer has launched a dozen Vine videos featuring home improvement tips like how to remove a stripped screw, get rust off of knives and use pillowcases to organize sheets. Those tips had existed in text form, but Vine provided the “perfect vehicle to bring them to life and make them shareable and fun to watch” according to the brand.

Historically the category can be thought of as incredibly complicated. We sell products but those products are components to a project, and a consumer needs all the information on how to complete the project,” said Tom Lamb, chief marketing officer at Lowe’s. “What consumer behavior is forcing us to do is learn to be incredibly concise. We’re making an effort to demonstrate that we know a little bit, so [consumers think] it’s worth seeing what else we know on our site and in store.”

Lowe’s tapped an expert to help with its Vine debut. Meagan Cignoli, a photographer and established Vine user, worked with BBDO on the videos, which were shot in the agency’s New York office. Ms. Cignoli was also a finalist with two entries in the inaugural #6secfilms Vine contest at the Tribeca Film Festival. “We shot them all on an iPhone in our closet-sized studio. [Meagan] brought a lot of talent and a nice feel for how to bring these things to life in a quirky way,” Mr. Boudreau said. “She had embraced stop-motion photography and used it in a way that made us smile and felt right for the brand.”

Why Am I Curious?

I really appreciate this because it is not using a platform just because it is shiny and new but also trying to make it their own. In addition, I do love the style of the videos, as I believe it gives a new dimension to the brand and what they stand for. It is neat that they are being mindful of the platform they are on and really adjusting their creative to stand out and be relevant to a newer audience on a new stage.


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