Is the JCPenney Ad Too Much?


JCPenney has launched a new YouTube ad with hope that it will bring customers back into their stores.  JCPenney took a hit with CEO Ron Johnson running the show but recently brought on Mike Ullman, who seems to be turning things around.  The video begs customers to come back and lets them know that they heard their complaints.

Why I’m Curious?

JCPenney’s approach and call to action is quite strange and actually made me feel uncomfortable.  It seemed to be a bit embarrassing even watching the video.  I am curious to see if this will this perform well and actually increase profits for JCPenney in the end.  One thing is for sure, they laid it all down on the table and are very vulnerable at this moment.  It is now up to the customer to decide JCPenney’s fate and will be interesting to see if their perception of JCPenney changes.


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