Customer Barometer: The Customer Journey From Research to Purchase

Prior to the Analytic Customer Journey tool that Google recently created, Google  also worked with IAB Europe and TSN Infratest to create another tool called Customer Barometer to better quantify the role that online plays in a customers journey.  Customer Barometer provides information on a customer’s journey starting from initial research to end purchase.

Because the tool is interactive, it allows users to build their own graph/chart.  This can be done by selecting options from four different categories to generate a snapshot of audience behaviors. Categories to choose options from include:

  • Country
  • Product
  • Audience
  • Topics

Click here to check it out.


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 12.49.34 PM

Why I’m curious:

Digital solutions aren’t “one size fits all”.  The smallest variations of digital attitudes and behaviors can and will change the type of digital experiences we need to create for a target audience.  I think this tool will be a great source to aid in the digital persona process and It will be interesting to learn more about our target behaviors.

Share your thoughts.

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