Days: A New Kind Of Photo Sharing


Today Wander (a TechStars graduate with $1.2 million in funding) launched a mobile app called Days, aimed at changing both the photo-sharing category and how we, as consumers and photographers, share photos.

Dys is not about “share-worthy” moments because they feel all moments are share-worthy. The idea is to share the normal, everyday routine and share your whole day through photos, as opposed to snippets throughout the day.

Days is about sharing lots of photos, and not always top quality, but showing the photo stream of your life. You have to take photos within the app (so there is no editing) and they are documented with the time and put into the “Tuesday” gallery, for example.

Photos are not shared in real-time. This on purpose and from data they captures from latergrams. Moments are important whenever they’re shared, not just in real-time. So each user releases their posts from a day in one batch. You can choose which photos are posted, caption and tag, delete ones you don’t want and other options all done within the app. You can share to other networks once posted, if you choose.

Why I’m Curious

Right when I think the photo-sharing category is saturated and couldn’t possibly have one more photo app, another ones comes out. And the thing is, even if I have everything I need in Picfx, VSCO CAM, Photoset, Snapseed and of course Instagram, I download the news ones to try them. I’m curious to see if the category does eventually burn our or if one clear winner emerges and what happens to the rest. In the larger sense of the sharing and photo-sharing, I am curious what happens in the line between what we share and what is real life and how our perception of real life drives brand interaction and our sense of the fourth wall coming down.


Share your thoughts.

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