Virgin wants you to join the mile high club

This week Virgin Airlines launched a new in-flight seat-to-seat delivery service to coincide with its new three daily nonstop flights from Los Angeles International Airport to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.   Passengers can find their crush on a digital seat map and swipe their credit card to order him or her a drink through the airline’s Red in-flight entertainment system. They can then follow up with a text message using the seat-to-seat chat function.

The function is linked with a Facebook contest [tab] called “Get Lucky on Virgin America”, where people are prompted to “like” the page and enter a story of how they have – or would like to – use the service for the chance to win a trip to Vegas. The airline is encouraging people to also share their best pickup lines.

Why I’m Curious

Virgin is known for pushing the envelope, and now it’s cutting the envelope into a heart. When I first watched this video, I was a bit terrified and thought it had the potential to alienate loads of passengers, who might see this feature as a nuisance or invasion of privacy.  Having to reject someone – or being rejected – in a confined space that you’re both stuck on does not sound very “lucky”.

Then I realized it was was being piloted on their LA –> Vegas flight and it made more sense. Lots of people travel from LA –> Vegas to party, gamble and get lucky – so why not start the process from the get-go?

THEN I read some more and realized that this service is, in fact, available on all U.S. flights… which brings me back to my initial reaction.  Many passengers have taken to Facebook to protest – and a few to praise the initiative.  My favorite comment so far is “I can’t even get lucky on earth, let alone at 35K feet”.

Overall, seems like a fun but silly gimmick that Richard thought of while buzzed on his private jet.

via @NeedToKow (email)


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