Urban Outfitters and Converse Want to See #yourchucks

In what may be the second brand contest on Vine, Urban Outfitters and Converse are asking hipsters everywhere to show off their Chuck Taylors. To enter, create a six-second video of a day in the life of your sneakers and post to Vine using #yourchucks.

The winning video receives a trip to San Francisco AND Brooklyn, Urban Outfitters gift cards, and 10 pairs of chucks. (More at Mashable)

Why I’m Curious

Vine has been around since January, but brands have been taking their time figured out the best way to leverage this new platform. We’ve seen a couple examples of brands using Vine to share content, but Urban Outfitters and Converse are really the first set out on a larger scale to get content from their fans. Overall, the contest seems like a great fit for the brands and their super-hip followers, and Vine definitely adds a layer that other social platforms lack. I’m curious to see how the contest pans out – we all know how difficult it can be to get UGC (especially good UGC), but maybe Vine will be different?



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