Tracking You Life Expectancy

Is taking stairs really that much better for you then riding the elevator? Imagine if we were able to measure in real time impact of good or bad decisions onto our health and life expectancy.  Would this information be enough to help us make changes that would better our health?

Ignite is a personal health tracking system that does just that, by actively monitoring a user’s life expectancy using a smartphone’s sensors. The app offers an easy to understand user interface centered around the concept of the life number.

The app is designed around the idea that everything people do affects their life expectancy, whether it be eating well, smoking cigarettes, or exercising the software is able to calculate the users’ life expectancy on the fly based on the measurements it takes.

This looks like a tool that “Citizen” — the Portland based mobile technology company we spoke about last week could really get behind an app like this…

Why I’m Curious?

With more and more technologies that make getting in shape easier and more rewarding can we change the state of the nation?


Share your thoughts.

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