The First Loyalty Web Browser- Perk

Taking its cue from the airline, retail and credit card industries, Austin technology incubator Jutera Labs on Wednesday officially launches, titled as the first loyalty Web browser. You get “Perk Points” for what you’d be doing via browser activities such as: surfing, searching, shopping.

Loyalty points are redeemable for actual products and services, including gift cards, digital cameras and tablets. Points can also be converted to airline miles or donated to certain charities.


Perk is launching with more than 2,000 merchants, a roster that includes Apple’s iTunes, Starbucks Store, 1-800 Flowers,, Urban Outfitters, and

Perk is built on top of Google’s Chromium “open source” platform, the same technology behind Google’s own Chrome browser. 


Why I’m curious:

This is an extension of Google’s Screenwise and Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program, which pays users for their search/browsing behaviors. However, in Perk’s case, the reward system is more dynamic.

Perk also has a social component to increase share and visibility of user’s behavior, a user can get 50 points for signing up with Perk using their e-mail address and an extra 50 points for signing up with their Facebook credentials.

To me, it seems like this would make a perfect shopping-focused mobile browser. I’m interested to see if this time the rewards are appealing enough to get people to 1) switch browser, 2) trade in their behavioral data/privacy.


Share your thoughts.

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