Pizza Hut delivery app for Xbox 360 and Kinect lets you gesture and yell for food

Microsoft and Pizza Hut have partnered up to launch a pioneer app for Xbox Live that will allow users to order from the chain’s menu directly through their Xbox 360.

The Pizza Hut for Xbox app makes the chain’s entire menu accessible to users, who can then build their own customized pizzas and place orders via Kinect motion controls, voice commands or the controller. Users can link their Xbox and accounts and save their order settings to streamline future purchases, as well as view and take advantage of deals at local stores.

Pizza Hut for Xbox will be available for Xbox Live users on Tuesday, April 23. Xbox users who download and order through the Pizza Hut app before May 6 will get 15 percent off their first purchase.

Source: The Verge & Huffington Post

Why I’m curious:

This is the first tangible food ever made available via the XBox Live platform.  With Dominos taking the lead in reinventing their brand reputation through social media, it’s interesting to see how food brands are thinking outside the box to create unique experiences for their customers.  This partnership between Pizza Hut and Xbox seems like a great fit for their target audience – gamers and families.  Although this new experience to order pizza is cool, does it actually make the process of ordering pizza easier?  Users could simply pick up the phone and order food the traditional way.  I’m interested to see whether this service succeeds.


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