Lettrs: App lets users send physical letters from phones

There’s something about sending an actual physical letter which an e-mail will never replace. Tech startup Lettrs to encourage people to send snail mails again by integrating the process with a digital twist. This week, Lettrs launched its iPhone app that essentially allows users to send e-mails and photos as paper post letters.

On the screen, users are able to select from different backgrounds, themes, and fonts. There’s even the ability to directly attach an image to the letter. Once users are happy with the letter, they have the option to either send it electronically, or as a snail mail to the recipient. The whole operation is currently conducted from Collinsville, Connecticut in the U.S.

Drew Bartkiewicz, founders of Lettrs, commented that:

Technology is what we make of it, and no app has yet been designed to dust off the previous — though timeless — aspirations of letter writing. I hope people will choose to take time to create a ‘lettr’ when more purposeful words are desired, but with the efficiencies of mobile and social firmly intact.

Lettrs is currently only available on the iPhone, with an Android and iPad app already in the works.

Why I’m Curious: It’s interesting to monitor this continued collision of the digital and physical worlds. I’m curious if people would be more inclined to send a letter if they could do so with the app or if this app is just an unnecessary manipulation of the letter writing art form. To me, beauty of snail mail is that the other physical person has physically crafted the words and took the extra time to stamp it and send it to your hands.


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