Hotel Lobby Turns in to Functioning Work Place

Photo: Marriott International

Courtyard by Marriot in Woodland Hills, California just launched a new hotel that is built specifically for the business tech savvy traveler.  The hotel accommodates the traveler with all the amenities needed to do work, track their flight, and connect to the online world.  Courtyard has worked with Four Winds Interactive to implement the GoBoard, which includes real time data for flights, local news, and can share the information to and from their phones.

Why I’m Curious?

This hotel is cool, not only because it is catered to tech business travelers but also because you can be connected at all times. There are computers with printers, outlets in every corner, and even has TV-featured media pods for privacy.  The hotel wants to provide an easy and innovative experience with their guests hoping that they will stay in the hotel and come back to use their services again and again.  It’s interesting how technology has moved forward even expanding in to the hospitality industry.  It will be exciting to see how other hotel brands explore this concept.


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