Google Analytics: the Customer Journey to Online Purchase tool

Google has launched a new benchmarking tool, Customer Journey to Online Purchase, that uses aggregated data from thousands of Google clients to show how consumers in different industries pass through the sales funnel.

This tool lets you explore typical online buying behavior and see how different marketing interactions affect business success:

  • Purchase paths based on interactions with a single ecommerce advertiser
  • How different marketing channels help get your site visitors to convert better or faster
  • How long it takes for customers to make a purchase online (in terms of visits and days)
  • Benchmarks of various industries to help you compare your results to that within your industry.Click here to learn more.


Why I am Curious

A user may see an ad, click on a link from a friend, or do a search before buying something from a website — and all of these interactions can play a role in the final sale. It’s important to understand the entire customer journey, and the distinctive roles different channels play, so we can measure all of the elements that contribute to the success of our client’ businesses.


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